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Cleaning Car Floor Mats Rubber

Do It Like A Pro: Cleaning Car Floor Mats Rubber

Do It Like A Pro: Cleaning Car Floor Mats Rubber

Cleaning car floor mats rubber becomes important when you regularly go from one place to another. You might get irritated if your fancy car is such a mess, right?

Especially if you have kids around you—when they often spill foods and drinks on the mats every now and then. You will need a quick cleaning—and thus, a rubber will be a blessing for this. Rubber mats are considerably cheap, just it is so easy to discard them.

But, of course you want to save some cost by maximizing its usefulness. Getting to know the tips and tricks to clean them effectively will always be smart, though!

Why Rubber Mats?

Rubber is one of the best materials for mats, since it has a sturdy base and it lasts long. Not only that, you do not have to take out much money for the maintenance. Rubber also comes out as one of the easiest materials to get cleaned when it’s dirty. However, you might need to consider few things to keep it clean and look fresh, just like its original! One of them is cleaning them regularly.

Smart Steps to Clean Dirty Car Rubber Mats

Step 1: Take out the floor mats as well as its linings from your car. You can put them in an open space, before then shake the dust and another food particles off them. Do it strongly, so there is no loose debris left behind.

Step 2: If they are not clean yet and some dirt still stucks on them, grab your car floor cleanser and a brush. Water the mats with a flowing water and wash them passionately your choice of cleaning solution. If you are a type of person who hardly cleans your mats for months or even years, it will be better if you choose one which is a high-pressure hose, so it will be much easier for you to clean the stubborn grit. But, you also have to see that it is mild enough for your rubber mats. Wait for them to rinse a little.

Step 3: Take the brush and scrub the floor mat thoroughly. Make sure you do not miss any crevice of them. A brush with firm bristles will be highly suggested, since it will help you to remove the mud and grime that stuck on the grooves and nooks of your mat. Choose one who is long, so it can reach even the farthest corner of the mats.

Step 4: Wipe the mat with a dry cloth. Keep in mind that you cannot do this where the mat is exposed to the sun, since it will cause cracking and fading. Do this one by one, before you cleanse them with a treatment product. It will be better if you put one that has silicone in it, for it is good at repelling water. Picking one with an exterior protectant is not suggested, as well as one that does not dry with a slick finish, because your mats will get slippery as you are cleaning car floor mats rubber.

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